Friday, January 01, 2016

Air Jordan Shoe Storage | Hidden Compartment

This is a custom cabinet that was designed by the customer.  They came and really liked the shoe box storage cabinets that looked like an over sized shoe box.  They asked if we could do more of an upright cabinet with doors.  They also saw a nightstand we had with a sliding top.  They wanted to know if we could incorporate that into their design.

I did and went a step further.  I put a lock on it as well.  I added a special lock that was controlled by a strong magnetic key.

Here is a video:

For more inforation on this go to the bottom of the Shoe Box Cabinet page.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Modern Waterbed 4 Poster

This is not your standard Waterbed.  Most waterbeds are dated with the 70's look. This one took a modern spin.  Well use of mixture of woods.  Oak was used for the main part with Walnut used as accents.

This was built in February 2014 but the guys at WWBeds Custom Furniture.

More pictures can be found here: Waterbeds

Friday, December 19, 2014

Atlanta Braves Murphy Bed

Atlanta Braves Murphy Bed
This is an Atlanta Braves Murphy Bed. It has lockers, just like the Braves locker room. The 2 outside cabinets actually open and you can store things inside of them. The 3 inside lockers do not open but they do come down with the bed.

The workers at WWBeds can make it any team that you would like. They can personalize it to your choice.

For more options check out our websites: or You can also call us at 501.753.9699.

Percy the Train Bunk Bed

Percy the Train Bunk Bed
Perfect for those Thomas the Train fans.  This bunk bed is a modified version of the Thomas bunk in the Percy theme.  The colors are right on has a lot of detail.

It is also a great solution for small rooms.  Even though it is a very tall bed it is under the normal eight foot mark of most ceilings.  Also with the ladder being close to the bed and not angled out saves floor space.

The guys at WWBeds and can even modify this bed to make it your own personal design.

Give them a call at 501.753.9699 or check out their sites: and

Friday, May 24, 2013

Custom Twin/Full Bunk

I don't build a lot of bunk beds This is because there are imports in similar styles out on the market. For this one I had a special request. This customer like the style but did not want screws and hardware showing on the end panels that attached the side rails. There was also a need for some drawers.
The drawers have a raised panel look and the ladder had to stop at the lower side rail to keep from interfering with the operation of the drawers.
This one was finished in October 2012 and we used maple wood, dyed and stained to match a cappuccino color.
More info on this and other projects can be found at WWBeds Custom Furniture.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Yankee Baseball Daybed

This is a new design of my Yankees baseball bed. This customer wanted a daybed with a trundle and drawers and wanted to know if we could come up with something.  We completed it in September 2012
We used the large headboard that is normally cutout for the Baseball Loft bed and changed up the end panels. I originally use two foot boards for the sides, but I did not like the look of it, so I made new panels that had a swooping design.
The color is the true Yankee blue color that we had matched.
You can watch us build this live from our Current Projects page at  and  Also at the site photographs are posted each day of our work.
To see when your project will be built, check out our Customer Status link

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy, Happy, Happy

Duck Commander
This is a bed that would make the Duck Commander happy, happy, happy!  It is a simple Camo Panel Headboard that uses the Real Tree patter.  A perfect fit for those young hunters or hunting club.  Check it out Camo Headboard

More bed like this can be found at Poggyskids Furniture